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4 Mistakes To Avoid When Designing And Installing A Pool

Let us assume that you’re finally getting yourself a pool. But given that it is a job up to the professionals, why should you know about these designing and installing mistakes. The answer is simple; the more you know, the less likely for you to get tricked. There’s no doubt that there are too many companies whose bad works ruins the good name of the true professionals in the game. In doing so, you need to avoid some common mistakes so that your one-time investment will not be a regret but a delight.Here are 4 mistakes to avoid when getting yourself a pool.

Choosing the wrong designer and/or contractor

If the designer and the contractor are two separate parties, you should prepare yourself to hear about all the complaints on how bad each other is from themselves. It’s just the nature of this line of services. However, if the designing, installing and even constructing was done by a single company, they would ensure that all the required services are done in the right way. Hence, take your time, do your research and go for one of the reliable swimming pool companies that is well organized, provides you with most customized options and easy to deal with. This applies to both residential and commercial purposes equally.

Choosing the wrong type of the pool

A residential pool will not work for an expensive rooftop pool. This is not only because of the looks but due to the difference of the required infrastructural needs. This refers to piping, excavating if needed, tiling and the entire swimming pool installation picture. You should not hire individuals who are unable to provide you with a number of options. This is solely because there are many other companies who would provide you with a number of options.

Disregarding the levelling of walls and floors

A pool needs to be aligned and properly levelled. This is to compliment the friction when a person touches the floor. On the other hand, uneven walls and floors could be subjected to long term pressure issues resulting cracks and subsequent serious damages. Hence, be there and ensure that all walls and floors of the pool are ideally finished, especially in terms of the levelling.

Poor plumbing

One of the very common pool mistakes are backfilling when you’re not confirmed on the good functionality of the plumbing. On the flip side, inquire about the ease of access to the pipes in the case of an emergency. It is true that the pipes must be backfilled but there should be a window to reach for repairs if needed.